Highest altitude of upper mustang Lo Manthang trek

Highest altitude of upper mustang Lo Manthang trek in Himalayas

Upper Mustang trek height details

Upper Mustang is very scenic, its attracts many tourist to discover an isolated region for centuries. Highest altitude of Upper Mustang Lo Manthang trek is 3840 meters / 12598 feet above sea level. Mustang is hidden behind the spectacular Himalayan ranges. The route is reported to be good by all who have checked it. All you need is a fit body and a strong mind to explore. Upper mustang Tiji festival trek in kingdom of Lo

When you look at that altitude of Upper Mustang, you can see that it is far below many of the other treks. This is why this trek is graded as moderate by trekkers.

The altitude at the destination Lo Manthang is 3840 meters /12598 feet.

This is where you aim to reach on the Upper Mustang trek. But Lo Manthang is not the highest point to spend night in this trek. The highest altitude of Upper Mustang is Marang la 4230 meters in near Ghar Gumba on the return journey.

Upper Mustang trekking in Nepal is a place of isolated and awe-inspiring gorgeousness. It was only after 1992 that foreigners could visit this small village on the Upper Mustang region. The old culture and tradition are still alive here because of the controlled area with expensive cost of permission.
When is the best time to visit mustang Nepal

The best time to visit Lo Manthang is during the month of April to November & annual Tiji Festival time, which is celebrated with zest. This is celebrated for three days somewhere around the third week of May. The monks dance wearing colorful dresses.

Fraternal polyandry, sky burial are another interesting traditions of Lo Manthang Nepal. The practice is now waning as the youngsters don’t want this to continue. Loba People of Lo Manthang practice particular form of Buddhism & preserved the ancient Tibetan traditions.

Upper Mustang is a unique region with a fascinating history and culture. Its high altitude adds to its allure, making it a popular destination for trekkers and mountaineers. Whether you are looking for a challenging trek or a spiritual journey, Upper Mustang has something to offer.

The scenery along the Kali Gandaki valley is very beautiful where you can see the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna peaks. The Weather and height elevation of upper mustang trek never disturb your voyage. It is possible to go during monsoon months as it is in the rain shadow region of Himalayas. if you interested to go to visit upper mustang email us to get the price with itinerary details.

Highest altitude of upper mustang Lo Manthang trek in Himalayas