Upper Mustang packages overland jeep tour Nepal

Guided Upper Mustang tour by jeep is to discover last forbidden kingdom of Nepal as well as the magnificent views of Himalayas, ancient caves, historic monasteries, archaeological sites and untouched Tibetan cultures. The extremity soaked over the Nepal’s geography had been phenomenal and mysterious and even today it continues to be so.

After so many years of tourist inflow, the larger part of the nation still enfolds pristine and untouched geographical scenario that is relatively outlying to myriad nature aficionados.Upper Mustang tour packages overland upper mustang jeep tour Nepal
The western facet of Nepal is probably the least explored and traveled sect, however, it is by all means among the most treasured and festooned region naturally and culturally.

From beginning to end during Upper Mustang package you would discover untamed mountains and rocky nature, a fragment of Tibet at Nepal. The mountains such as, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Damodar Himal and many others outline the mountain panorama during the trip. Jeep tour to upper mustang is an alternative of upper mustang trek instead of walk.

The upper mustang overland tour is usually initiate from Pokhara, Jomsom & Kathmandu as per the guest requirements. Base Camp Excursion, a premium adventure service provider in the nation operates private & group joining tour packages throughout the year with support of cheerful tour guides.

Jeep tour takes you from Kathmandu, Pokhara or Jomsom, off road ride makes the tour much faster and exciting. If you interested to see the hidden gems of Himalayas try our comfortable Upper Mustang packages by 4WD jeep to discover Lo Manthnag Nepal.