Mysterious Sky Caves of Nepal in Upper Mustang

Mysterious Sky Caves of Nepal in Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang Sky Caves of Nepal

Mustang region is one of the greatest archaeological mysteries in the world. There are More than ten thousand mysterious sky caves of Nepal. All secret caves in Himalayas are mane made on the towering cliff faces of Kaligandaki river valley. Upper mustang is the home to some of the diverse and enthralling places in the planet.

Sky caves of Mustang are located in isolated region of Nepal. These caves are known as ‘sky caves’ due to their location because they are often inaccessible. Inside the caves, researchers have found various artifacts, including murals, statues, and manuscripts, which provide insight into the life of the people who lived there. The murals depict religious and historical events and show the influence of both Buddhism and Hinduism in Mustang.

Where you find the sky caves Nepal?

Mustang was the previous kingdom of the Lo situated in the northern regions of Nepal. Sky caves of Nepal are hidden completely within the Himalayas of mustang area. These caves carry biggest mysteries with respect to the archaeological point of view.

In fact, the caves were traveling through by the archaeologists from the different University of the world. From then on archaeological researchers have always been investigating these places of upper Mustang Nepal. The caves have been a mystery to the world for centuries, but in recent years, archaeologists have started to explore them and unravel their secrets.

Still archaeologists are exploring this cave to identify the reality. On exploring the stacked caves, they found several bodies were a minimum of 2000 years old. Thus the caves were home to these humans approximately 2000 years ago. Researchers discovered these caves in early days but exact result not found yet on the subject of these sky caves of Nepal in Upper Mustang.

They were constructed by carving out the sandstone cliffs with hand tools and then smoothing them with chisels and hammers. The caves were then decorated with intricate murals and carvings, depicting scenes from Buddhist mythology and daily life.

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List of main Mustang caves Himalayas
During trekking period travelers can see so many sky caves in upper mustang area but most of them are unidentified. List of some frequently visited caves by tourist are listed below for reference. Upper mustang trek to visit kingdom of mustang Nepal

1: Jhong cave in Chhoser

2: Konchok Ling cave

3: Chungsi cave

4: Ritseling Cave

Life in the caves divided into three phases

The use of these caves in the Upper Mustang has divided into three periods by the scientists through research. It has been found that these sky caves were actually used as the burial chambers, burial chambers, meditation retreats, and even as dwellings by the local people in the early years.

In the period of the 10th century, it was conjectured and these regions were actually fought over during battles. Eventually, families moved into these sky caves for the purpose of staying there as convenience gave way to safety.
In the later stages, Mustang caves actually turned into stay quarters. These caves finally acted as military lookouts, chambers of meditation as well units of storage when people started moving into villages.

These sky caves of Mustang featured on national geographic are quite the mysterious caves in the Mustang area and are still under conjectures. Sky Caves of Nepal is a fascinating discovery of ancient civilizations of upper mustang. Sky Caves of Mustang becomes popular destination for tourists and adventurers who want to experience the mystery of Himalayas. If you interested to witness the mysterious places book upper mustang trek Nepal write us.

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Sky Caves of Nepal Upper Mustang caves documentary

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