Best places to visit in Mustang Nepal

Best places to visit in Mustang Nepal

The best places to visit in Mustang Nepal

Mustang, a remote and mystical region of Nepal, is a treasure trove of natural and cultural wonders. This fascinating land of barren valleys, ancient monasteries, and snow-capped peaks is an ideal destination for adventurers and cultural enthusiasts alike.

People of Mustang are known for their hospitality, and they are always eager to share their culture with visitors. During your visit, you should take the time to experience the local culture by attending festivals, trying local foods, and learning about the traditional customs of Mustang. Mustang, is one of the most fascinating and unique destinations in the world.

There are many best places to visit in Mustang including amazing Landscape. Nepal is famous for sky scraping mountains. Mount Dhaulagiri and Annapurna above 8000 meters are main attraction of this area. Do not miss to explore top places to visit in Mustang when you visit Nepal.

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Which is the best thing to do in Mustang, Nepal?

Trekking tours experience in the Upper Mustang looks quite similar to the trekking of Tibet. It belongs to the part of Tibetan plateau in geography. Mustang used to be a separate Kingdom until 1950 within Nepal. You can visit the kingdom of Mustang and ancient homes in Nepal. It will give unforgettable memories while trekking.

What are the best places to visit in Mustang Nepal?
Mustang is the cultural heritage of Nepal. When it comes to the Best places to visit in Mustang, you should make a list of it before exploring. Check the top rated Places to visit in upper Mustang, Nepal below.

1: Jomsom
Jomsom is the starting point of your journey to upper mustang Nepal. Travelers reach Jomsom by flight from Pokhara or off road drive by jeep. Some Medias and blogger describe that it is one of the best place to see in mustang. In fact Jomsom the worse place in whole upper mustang trip, you feel it after you visit.

2: Kagbeni
Kagbeni village is a really nice place to spend few nights, explore green field, apple farming garden etc. More than 500 years old monastery and village attract many tourists to visit Kagbeni. The junction of Muktinath khola and kali Gandaki River is the holy place for Hindu pilgrims too.Muktinath tour package cost for Muktinath yatra pilgrimage

3: Muktinath Temple

Holy Muktinath temple is a well known “Mukti Kshetra”. It is believe that after bathing in 100 holy tap and 2 ponds pilgrims became from known and unknown sins. In this way many Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims visit this place.

Muktinath temple is situated in lower mustang beyond the regular upper mustang trek route. When you back from upper mustang try to manage one extra day to visit Muktinath Temple.

4: Lo Manthang

Lo Manthang is the major attraction and best place to see in mustang. Lo Manthang is the capital city of hidden Tibetan Kingdom situated at Nepal. Lo Manthang trek follow the ancient caravan route from Jomsom to Lo. The royal town of Lo Manthang surrounded by walls.

5: Sky caves in Nepal

From the Chhusang village travelers start to discover many sky caves on contiguous cliff along Kaligandaki. On the way to Lo Manthang you will get an opportunity to see thousand of mane made caves.

6: Amazing Rock tunnel
Kaligandaki River made many rock tunnels, really impressive to see. The view of Kaligandaki gorge from above the Chele village very similar to the Grand Canyon in USA. Only few people know about this place because it is beyond the regular trekking route. We will show you this place during upper mustang trekking.

7: Chungsi cave
Chungsi cave near Syangbochen village is a pilgrimage site. Close to the cave there is a cave monastery also. This monastery and cave is famous between monks for meditation. This is also a best place to see in upper Mustang Nepal. It is said that guru Rinpoche have meditated in the 8th century at this cave.

8: Red cliff
Dhakmar and Chhoser area are famous to see the unbelievable splendor of red color cliff in upper mustang. Red cliffs are wonderful and curious beauty of natural world to see and admire once in life.

9: Ghar Gumba
After crossing the highest pass of Upper Mustang trek route travelers reach Ghar gumba. From the top of Marang La 4 230 meters trekkers can see the incredible view of whole mustang area including high mountains. Ghar Gumba is holy place and ancient nunnery decorated with Mani wall, Chortens and prayer flags. It is also a best place to visit in mustang.

10: Chhoser in Mustang, Nepal
After 2 hrs walking, 1:30 hrs horse riding and 45 minute jeep driving travelers reach Chhoser from Lo Manthang. There are so many things to see in Garphu and Chhoser village. Caves created by people thousands of years ago are the major attraction of Chhoser, Mustang Nepal. Jhong Cave in Chhoser is an Ancient dwelling sky caves in upper mustang a best places to visit Mustang Nepal.

11: Luri Gumba
Luri Gumba is an ancient monastery of upper mustang area lies one the way back from upper mustang trek. Trekkers can see antique villages, lifestyle untouched by the modernity. It is a most see best place to visit in upper mustang.

12: Chortens and Mani walls
Black, white and red Chhortens on the way to upper mustang are another attraction for travelers. Main Chhortans are “Chhuyer” at Samar village, great Chorten gate to enter Tsarang village, Sungda Chhorten on the way to lo Manthang above Charang. Trekkers can see the longest Mani walls of Upper mustang in between Ghami and Dhakmar area.

13: Farming in Himalayas
Exploring green colored irrigated fields surrounded by dry rugged landscape looks similar to the painting of great artists. If you would like to see the art of nature on earth then must visit the landscape of Mustang. Himalayan visitation apricot & apple farming, barley & buck wheat field decorate mustang amazingly.

14: Monastery and nunnery
There are many monastery and nunnery on the way to upper mustang. These Buddhism learning and practice centers are best places to visit Mustang. Travelers can visit the monks and nuns pray together for peace and good luck. Among of these all monastery and nunnery do not forget to visit 800 years old nunnery at Tiri village, close opposite of Kagbeni.

Mustang is a unique destination that offers a blend of natural and cultural beauty. From the ancient walled city of Lo Manthang to the stunning red cliffs of Dhakmar, Mustang is full of surprises and delights. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in this mystical land of Nepal.

Hopefully; you are clear about best places to visit in Mustang. There are trekking, motorcycle tours, jeep tours and mountain bilking options available to observe the best places to see in mustang. If you interested to discover such far-fetched land write us. We organize upper mustang trek as per your desire and duration of holidays.

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