Amazing things to do in mustang Nepal

Amazing things to do in mustang Nepal

Amazing things to do in mustang Nepal

Mustang, also known as the Land of Lo, is a district located in the north-central part of Nepal. It is a magical place that is sure to captivate the hearts of anyone who visits. Mustang is a hidden gem that is often overlooked by travelers due to its remote location. But for those who do venture to Mustang, it offers a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in Nepal.

Few years ago Mustang district is the best place for trekking by foot or riding horse. After road construction there are many possibilities arise like tours, biking and other things to do in Mustang Nepal. Now it is easy to experience the ancient culture by trekking, tours, biking, and horse riding which remains unchanged for decades.

Along the way to Mustang travelers can see breathtaking landscapes, villages and Buddhist shrines. The trail continues Kagbeni, Tangbe, Chhusang, Chele, Samar, Syangbochen, Ghiling, Ghami, Dhakmar, Charang to Lo Manthang.

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What are the best things to do in Mustang Nepal?
Exciting things to do in Mustang Nepal are listed below for reference to the travelers. It helps them to prepare mentally; what to do during upcoming upper mustang trip in advance.

1: Landing at Jomsom airport
Upper mustang trek starts after landing at Jomsom airport or driving to Kagbeni from Pokhara via Marpha and Jomsom. Flying from the middle of the two 8000 meters peak Annapurna and Dhaulagiri is an extraordinary.

Try to get your seat on the left row on your flight to Jomsom and right on your flight back to Pokhara to see the both side high Mountain View from window. Guide assist you to collect your luggage at Jomsom airstrip then manage the porters for trek to Kagbeni. Vacationers march to north along the Kali Gandaki River to reach upper Mustang.

2: Visit 500 years old settlement and monastery at Kagbeni
Kagbeni is the gate way to upper mustang area. Stay at yak Donald’s hotel and explore the junction of Muktinath and Kaligandaki River. Hindu people come to this connection to pray for god to remember their ancestors. Beside that there is another interesting mustang things to do is to discover more than 500 years old monastery and old Kagbeni village.

3: Explore amazing wall and sky caves in Chhusang
Chusang village is a small settlement near the way to upper mustang. Both side of the village surrounded by huge cliff with many sky caves of Nepal worth to see. You can see huge organic apple garden at Tangbe on the way to Chusang and other farming land too.

4: See the Nepali Grand Canyon from Chele
After crossing a small metal bridge over Kaligandaki River below the sky caves trekkers have to walk 45 minute uphill to reach the Chele. Near the Chaile village there is an amazing place to see. It is very similar to the grand canyon of USA. Take a time to see and take a picture on your camera to show the picture of Nepali Grand Canyon to your family and friends.

5: Hiking and trekking
Trekking and hiking in upper mustang is the main classic things to do in mustang Nepal. Now days gravel road was build till Lo Manthang and Korala, in this way other tours activities also attracted to organize. If you really want to know the real image of mustang area go for trekking to the Trans Himalayan plateau.

6: Mountain biking
There are many possibility of mountain biking in mustang to observe the lower to upper mustang Nepal. Due to the expensive restricted area permit only few foreign travelers visiting this area by mountain biking. Mountain biking to upper mustang going popular between Nepali adventure lovers.

7: Royal Enfield tour to Himalayas

Royal Enfield tour to Mustang and Upper Mustang wild track is to observe the high Himalayan desert very similar to the Tibet. Write us to get the quote of Pokhara or Kathmandu to Upper Mustang motorcycle tour in Nepal.

8: 4WD Upper Mustang Jeep safari tour
Kathmandu or Pokhara to upper mustang jeep tour a adventurous overland journey to Lo Manthang. Upper Mustang 4wd Jeep adventure provides you life time experience. When you are traveling with private jeep you can stop in between to take a picture observe the view. Private Mustang jeep safari tour is highly recommended for family with kids and seniors as well as the group of friend. Write us to organize mustang tour package for Nepali and foreigners. Lo Manthang Tiji festival tour cost by jeep to Upper Mustang Nepal

9: Travel by bus along the Kaligandaki
When you are planning to back from Lo Lanthang we advice you to travel back by local bus along the Kaligandaki rivers. It gives you really amazing experience to watch different types of wall carving by river as well as the so many man-made sky caves on cliff. It is possible to drive throw the Kali gandaki in dry season only.

10: Horse riding tour of Upper Mustang
Upper Mustang is ideal and popular destination for horse riding trekking in Nepal. Horse riding in the last forbidden kingdom upper mustang Nepal unique things to do on high Himalayan desert. We organize Lo Manthang to Chhoser excursion day tours by horse during upper mustang trek.

Beside that Jomsom to upper mustang horse riding trek is another attractive things to do in mustang. Check Upper Mustang pony trek itinerary as well as a day horseback riding trip in Lo Manthang to discover mustang by horse. Horses are tourist friendly you can ride them very slowly not like horse from riding club.

11: Try local cuisines
Thakali, Gurung and Mustangi people are local in lower to upper mustang area. Our advice is for all travelers to try some local cuisines of upper mustang like Tibetan bread, Khapse, Marpha, Local tea mixed with salt and butter during your trek. The food and festivals are famous in Nepal.Tsarang to Lo Manthang trek distance exploring Sungda Chhorten

12: Visit monastery and Chorten
Each village has minimum one monastery and many Chhortens, you can see while traveling upper mustang Nepal. The area is restricted because the historical and religious monuments. The natural and geographical diversity are supposed to be protected as their importance is important for the nation.

13: Rotates prayer wheel in right direction
Being a Buddhist area, Lower to Upper mustang hosts hundreds of prayer wheels and mani walls. To spread spiritual power rotates all prayer wheels along the way with chanting mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum”. Pass via right side of Mani wall and chhortens keep some prayer flags or holy scarf on passes, Mani wall and Chhortens if you have.

14: Visit Chungsi cave
Chungsi cave is the popular cave of traditional salt trading route of mustang. Religious, historical and medical importance of this cave attract many tourists to this place from around the world. Close to the monastery there is a monastery also for meditation travel to mustang Nepal.

15: Discover Lo Manthang city, monastery and royals
Royal palace of Lo Manthang, old monasteries built in the early 15th century are the major attraction to explore in wall city of Mustang. Ngonga Chode, Dragkar-Thegchen Ling monastery, Jampa gonpa, Thupchen gonpa are the four major monasteries inside the former kingdom of Lo. Exploring these old monuments is one of the interesting places to visit in mustang to know the Tibetan Buddhism.

16: Take pictures of landscape, wildlife, and Himalayan settlements
Taking Selfi is a part of travel these days to keep memory alive forever. It is good to capture some more events picture and videos of upper mustang. Dramatic landscape, wildlife, sky tombs Nepal, High Mountain and Himalayan settlements are the major attraction to capture on camera. Collecting the pictures of this dream land is another popular thing to experience in Mustang Nepal.

17: Day trip to Chhoser

Pony trek to Chhoser or walking, jeep drive is to visit caves and monasteries in chooser village. Visit the more than 2500 years old Jhong Cave, it holds much historical importance. It has fifth storey with more than 40 separate rooms really impressive to see on great cliff.

Beside that you can visit monasteries, Gherpu village etc. Day excursion to sightseeing in Lo Manthang and Chhoser exploration is the main attraction and things to do during upper mustang trek.

18: Celebrate Tiji festival
There is annual Tiji festival where you can experience cultural art, dance and program for three days. It is the best place to meet with Tibetan Buddhist culture and music. It belongs to a mythical story. If you travel to mustang on the month of may you will get an opportunity to celebrate this festival. Visit Upper mustang Nepal and make sure to explore forgotten Buddhist culture of the 15th century. What is Tiji festival that celebrates in Mustang region Nepal

19: Observe desert vegetation of Himalayas
You can find Mustang in the northern part of Nepal. There are tropical trees such as alpine, coniferous and more. It holds small forest with natural plants. You can have an apple and other fruits in Mustang. It is one of the beautiful places in Nepal with Mountains and forests. There are hillside roads with small villages, the best place to observe desert vegetation of Himalayas.

20: Visit monastery and royal palace in Lo Manthang
The best part is that you can go for trekking in Mustang to visit old kingdom and monastery. Historical sites to cultural attractions, explore the exhaustive list of all other local attractions in Mustang. You can participate to enjoy the daily praying ceremony in morning and evening at Monastery too.

What can you do in Mustang?

There are many things to perform in Nepal such as adventurous sport like trekking, mountain biking, royal Enfield tours, jeep safari and more. Expert guide lead you and provide a helping hand even in the high cliffs. Lo Manthang is a place where you can find top things to do in Mustang Nepal.

Upper Mustang is one of the most remote and preserved regions of Nepal, located in the north-western part of the country. It is a desert-like plateau that was once a part of the Tibetan Empire, and still retains much of its cultural and religious heritage. Trekking in Upper Mustang is a unique experience that requires a special permit due to the restricted access to the region.

Mustang Nepal is a beautiful and unique region that is well worth a visit. From trekking to Lo Manthang to exploring the ancient caves, there are plenty of things to see and do in Mustang. If you are looking for an adventure that is off the beaten path, then Mustang is the perfect destination.

Extra ordinary cultural experience in Lo Manthang attracts many tourists. It is the best place where you can find foreigners for the cultural programs and dance. Do not miss to go for trekking in Mustang to discover one of the main attractions of Nepal.

Hopefully; you are clear to prepare mentally, what are the things to do in Mustang Nepal. If you have any suggestion, comment, recommendation, or any inquiry related with, do not hesitate to contact us.

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