Ranchung Chungsi cave in upper mustang Nepal

Mysterious Chungsi cave in upper mustang Nepal

Ranchung Chungsi cave in upper mustang Nepal

Ranchung cave is situated on the way to upper mustang, in between Summer and Syangboche village. It is known as a Chungsi cave also. Ranchung cave is a popular pilgrimage of Mustang for both Hindus and Buddhists. It is believed that Guru Ringpoche meditated in this cave in around 8th century. Exactly the Monastery where Padmasambhab meditated situated above the cave. The cave is also associated with the Hindu god Shiva. it is believed to be the spot where he meditated during his journey to Kailash.

Ranchung Chungsi cave in upper mustang Nepal

Rangchung cave is not man-made cave, its natural in between thousands of mane made sky caves in Mustang. On the walls of the Rangchung cave in Upper Mustang there are many naturally formed deities they appear just like the self-arisen. On the opposite side of the cave you can see the natural figure of kissing people in wall cliff. It is one of the highlights of upper mustang trek do not miss to visit Mustang Nepal.

Chungsi Cave is a natural wonder, a well-known attraction of Mustang. Locals using this caves for centuries as a place of worship, meditation, and retreat. Cave is lit by natural light that filters through small openings which makes mystical atmosphere.

Lama of this cave said that the stone of cave used to make the medicine of back pain. According to the Ancient Tibetan medication there is a specific way to make the medicine from this stone still on use by local. Canyon near Chungsi cave in upper mustang Nepal looks really beautiful place to see.

Man-made Sky Caves in Mustang Nepal

The Ranchung monastery cave is a very important monastery in Mustang, its isolation could preserve the ancient culture. Many Buddhist devotees visit this place to worship and meditation from around the world. It is better to visit this cave while going to upper mustang. If you have time you can spend a night in Syangboche. From Syangboche you reach the cave after trekking down to the valley along alternative way.

This Cave going popular between adventure travelers who seek to explore the uncharted territories of the Himalayas. The cave is accessible by foot or by horseback, and the journey through the rugged terrain is an adventure in itself. Chungsi Cave is a hidden gem in Mustang and worth explore for travel, spiritual and educational purpose.

Surrounding nature, beautiful landscape, ancient Buddhist culture and human-made caves are the major attraction of Upper mustang Nepal. This area is a part of upper mustang trek and tours. If you interested to explore holy cave in upper mustang write us.

Chungsi Cave Monastery Significant Heritages of Upper Mustang