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Upper mustang trek blog provides detail information and tips for travelers to visit mysterious mustang. Firstly flight from Pokhara to Jomsom then follows the ancient salt caravan route to Lo Manthang, the capital city of Mustang Nepal. Nepal travel blog specially Upper mustang trek blog stories and tips to visit Mustang Nepal
Upper Mustang trek blog maintain about landscape in the Mustang trekking region, it is completely desolate and surrounded by rocks cliff in different colors. Tea house or lodges provides local & international cuisines including best accommodation facilities.
Appearances of all villages along the trail are similar to typical Tibetan village influences by the Tibetan culture too. While spending time with them in the kitchen the visitors learn about the culture as well as daily living of Lo Manthang people.
It is mentioned in the Upper Mustang blog that the culture and traditions of this place are closely related to Tibet. Exploring the town through the narrow lanes of walled town gate is an amazing experience. In the middle of the town there is a royal palace 4 storied building, closed for visitors after massive earthquake in 2015.
Women of this town are found engaged in wool spinning. They form small groups and carry out the spinning work while discussing the current affairs. In the evening one can see herds of goats being taken back to the sheds which are inside the town. Early morning villagers are chase their sheep, goat, horse and cattle toward the pasture area for grazing.
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