Tashi Kabum cave Gompa a notable journey to upper mustang

Tashi Kabum cave Gompa a notable journey to upper mustang

About Tashi Kabum cave Gompa

Upper mustang is one of the magical place of Nepal looks like semi-arid desert. This mysterious land has more than 10 thousand manmade caves both side of ancient Silk Road. Mandal in Tashi Kabum cave monastery built into the cliff Tashi Kabum is one of the important and most visited caves of upper mustang among of them. It takes about 1 hours to reach Tashi Kabum from Yara village. Walking trail pass through barren land to the Puyon Khola, after crossing this river you need to hike on narrow trail to reach about 50 m above the valley floor.

Difficult walking trail takes you to the entrance of Tashi Kabum at the edge of smaller cave. When you enter cave you can see 2 caves, hand carved into the mountain. In the center of each cave is a beautifully crafted chorten surrounded by sufficient floor space for circumambulation. In the center of cave stands a white stupa under the canopy of eight auspicious symbols “asta mangals”.Tashi Kabum discovery trip a cave temple in upper mustang

Both caves originally have a single entrance and one small window overlooking the whole valley. The walls and ceilings of both cave are attractively painted murals of religious figures. Holy mantra Om Mani Padame Hum also painted repeatedly into the wall.

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Tashi Kabum cave gompa painted on dome-shaped ceiling enclosed by vajras and lotus petals, as in a Mandala. Unfortunately, upper dome of Chorten inside this cave has been robbed & destroyed, but the paintings on the ceiling and along the walls are well preserved. Local believed that it was built in 14th century.

Tashi kabum a cave temple associated with Luri gompa in upper mustang, Nepal. It is a unique and important part of the religious and cultural heritage of Mustang. Many devotees visit the cave every year to offer prayers and meditate. Tashi Kabum cave is a sacred Buddhist site located at an altitude of 3,650 meters above sea level, easily accessible by foot.

Tashi Kabum is famous for its murals, which depict various deities and legends of Buddhism. Wants deepen understanding of the spiritual path must visit Tashi Kabum to gain spiritual power. If you interested to experience the last nomads of mustang trek to the kingdom of mustang Nepal write us we are happy to organize mustang discovery trip as per your desire and duration of holidays.

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