Weather, climate & average temperature in upper mustang Nepal

Weather, climate & average temperature in upper mustang Nepal

Weather, climate & average temperature in upper mustang Nepal

The weather and climate of Upper Mustang are unique and distinct from the rest of the country due to its high altitude and location in the rain shadow of the Himalayas. Gather information about Upper Mustang weather and climate before going for trek or tours in this area. Trekking is fun when you do it with your family or friends. The curiosity of discovering new places and facing the challenges of the path can give you the experience of a lifetime. Upper mustang trek to visit kingdom of mustang Nepal

The climate of Upper Mustang is classified as a cold desert climate, which means that it is dry, arid, and cold throughout the year. Not only the better experience, but you also come back home with a lot of new memories and knowledge. Trekkers get to know people from different culture and that unlocks the door of the world for you.

Nepal is one of the well known destinations for trekking to discover Himalayas Mountains. If you are planning to go to Mustang for trekking, better to know about the Upper Mustang weather before hand to make your journey a smooth one.

There is not any accurate daily weather forecast system active in upper mustang area. According to the previous year’s forecast reports we collect this average information for reference. You have to do a little research to know the temperature in upper Mustang Nepal.

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Check the average upper mustang weather and temperature in different four seasons which given below.

Lo Manthang temperature weather & climate chart

The temperature in Upper Mustang varies greatly between day and night due to the high altitude.  The weather in Upper Mustang is also affected by the strong winds that blow across the region. Despite the harsh climate, Upper Mustang has a unique and beautiful landscape, with breathtaking views of the Himalayas, rugged canyons, and deep gorges. The region is also home to a rich cultural heritage, with ancient monasteries, cave paintings, and traditional festivals.

Spring season (March – April – May)
Day Min 14 to Max 20 degree Celsius             Night Min -7 to Max -1 degree Celsius
The months of March, April and May are the best time to visit upper mustang. Pleasant weather of spring provides you an unique opportunity the great landscape and untouched Tibetan culture.

Summer season (June – July – August)
Day Min 20 to Max 30 degree Celsius              Night Min -2 to Max 0 degree Celsius
Warm temperature of summer months, June, July and August offers lifetime upper mustang experience. Trekkers can observe the vegetation of Himalaya’s rain shadow area.

Autumn season (September – October – November)
Day Min 12 to Max 20 degree Celsius               Night Min -7 to Max -2 degree Celsius
Weather of September, October and November are the perfect months to visit mustang Nepal. it offer great mountain view with blue mountain and greenery.

Winter season (December – January – February)
Day Min 0 to Max 5 degree Celsius                   Night Min -20 to Max -25 degree Celsius
Average temperature of the months December, January and February are really very cold. It is winter season in Nepal not recommended to go to visit last forbidden kingdom upper mustang. Sky Caves discovery Upper Mustang trek the Last Nomads of Lo Manthang

What is the temperature of Upper Mustang?

Weather on upper mustang trek is quite windy and dusty after noon. It becomes cold when the sun goes down. We advice all travelers to start trek early to avoid wind and dust; beside that keep warm clothes to keep your body warm after sunset and before sunrise. Snowfall in Mustang makes very cold temperature during the winter months December, January and February.

Hopefully; you are clear about weather, climate & average temperature in upper mustang Nepal. Given information about average temperature, climate and weather on Upper Mustang trek will help to prepare trip accordingly.

The weather and climate of Upper Mustang are unique and harsh, but they add to the charm and beauty of Mustang Nepal. Visitors to the area should be prepared for the extreme temperature variations and strong winds, but they will be rewarded with stunning views and a rich cultural experience.

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