Major festivals of upper mustang with dates & pictures

Major festivals of upper mustang with dates & pictures

Festivals of upper mustang

Far-fetched Upper mustang has its own history, culture and festivals because it was separate kingdom until 1951. There are many festivals celebrate in mustang, most of them are influences by the Tibetan Buddhism. monasteries of Upper Mustang Chorten & Mani walls detailsPeople of lower mustang and upper mustang celebrates different festivals in their own way but there are many similarities in between the ideology of festival celebration.

The monasteries and religious places of Mustang used for worship, cultural identity as well as the places for festival celebration. Most of the festivals of mustang related with Buddhism and pray and worship of nature. Local people and monks play their traditional musical instruments, sings tribal song, preform cultural, religious dances. Major Festival of Upper Mustang are listed below for reference.

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Festivals to See in Upper Mustang

Tiji festival

Teeji or Tenji festival is one of the most popular festivals of Lo Manthang. it celebrates with the hope to prevails the peace in the world. Tiji festival celebrated for three days on the month of May annually. Tiji is the biggest festival in Upper Mustang, celebrates the victory of god over evil. Traditional Tibetan songs; custom colorful dress, mask and swords dance are the major attractions of Tenchi festival. Lama plays the traditional music, drums, horns and chant mantra during the celebration.

Yartung festival

Yartung is another popular festival that celebrated in mustang Nepal. Yartung also celebrated for three days on the month of August each year. First day is for King’s activities, second day for monks and third days for local people’s to get involve in celebration activities. Horse racing is the main attraction of this festival but local enjoy by singing, dancing and drinking as well.

Traditional archery festival

Archery is another popular game festivals of upper mustang organize in each festival like Tiji, Yartung and other occasional programs as well. Mainly it is celebrated in Spring season welcoming new lives and hope for the whole year. Major festivals of upper mustang with dates & pictures

Festival at Ghar gumba and Luri gumba

Local people visit these ancient monasteries twice a year to worship god. It is seasonal puja for good weather, health, Peace and prosperity in society. All local gather together to celebrates this regular worshiping festival.

Losar (Tibetan New Year)

People of upper mustang area celebrate two Losar (chhegu emma & chhegu semma) festival according to the Tibetan lunar calendar. Both lhochhar festival celebrates for three days. During the celibration of Festivals of upper mustang people visit relatives, meet each others, organize party and dancing together are the main attraction of these festivals.

We organize festival celebration or observation trip to mustang for interested explorers on festival date and time. Festivals of upper mustang celebration trip start either from Kathmandu or Pokhara to Jomsom by drive or flight. Road trip to mustang pass through lush-green forests, river valley and deepest gorge in the world and mind-blowing views of the Himalayan peaks.

Upper Mustang is a culturally rich area where unique festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. Festivals of mustang are a reflection of the vibrant culture, ancient traditions, way of life and religious beliefs of Mustang people.

Mustangi people celebrates various festivals throughout the year. Among of them tiji festival, Losar, Yartung are significant festivals celebrated in Upper Mustang. Festivals in Upper Mustang provides exciting experience with locals, do not miss out on the chance to witness the colorful and vibrant festivals of Upper Mustang.

After festival celebration tour in mustang you back Kathmandu by drive or flight. If you interested to book festival of upper mustang celebration trip write us. we are happy to organize upper mustang festival celebration trip as per your need and duration of holidays.

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