Feature highlights of Upper Mustang trek guide in Nepal

Feature highlights of Upper Mustang trek guide in Nepal

Upper Mustang trek highlights

Highlights of upper mustang trekking routs inspire travelers from around the world to observe its mysterious landscape in Himalayas. Upper Mustang is a unique destination that offers a glimpse into the rich cultural and natural heritage of Nepal. Upper Mustang was once a separate kingdom that was closed to outsiders until 1992. It helped to preserve the region’s rich cultural and natural heritage, making it one of the most well-preserved areas in the Himalayas.

Mustang region’s ancient traditions, architecture, and way of life are still intact, making it a fascinating destination for cultural exploration. It’s a must-visit destination for those who want to experience the untouched beauty of the Himalayas and immerse themselves in Nepal’s vibrant culture.

Ancient Buddhist monasteries, magnificent caves, royals and colorful rock formations are some of the places of interest of Upper Mustang trek guide. Major places of interest are listed below for reference.

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Major highlights of Upper Mustang trek Nepal

Lo Manthang Upper mustang trek to visit kingdom of mustang Nepal

The last big settlement, situated in the Mustang North, is known as Lo Manthang, the ancient capital of Upper Mustang. It is commonly referred to as the “city of clay” and “city of wall”. Trekkers can reach the old capital in 4 / 5 days. It is good to spend an entire day here to catch the magnificent sights like monasteries, royal palace & lifestyle.

Tiji festival

Tiji is the main festival in Mustang Nepal. People in Mustang celebrate this festival every year in May. We organize upper mustang tiji festival trek and tours to celebrate this festival with local.

Chhoser area

Chhoser area is an attractive destination of whole upper mustang trip. There are many ancient caves including 9 stair cave, monasteries and unique land to observe during the voyage. Chhoser cave is simply amazing because more than 50 separate rooms, all connected by a ladder. To enter Chhoser, tourists need to purchase tickets. Upper Mustang trek guide can go together with to guide on cave & monasteries trip.


Trekking in Korala border is a stimulating experience for all travelers. It is best place to see the Tibetan high land, an eye-catching place to be during upper mustang tour. Ancient Ghar Gumba was built in the 8th century by a Tibetan magician Guru Padmasambhava related to Nyingma sect of Buddhism, visit Ghar Gumba in Upper Mustang Nepal

Luri Gumpa

It is a day long trip from Lo Mathang. Luri monastery is an ancient monastery, situated near the village of Ghara and Yara. Visitors can see attractive artifacts, chortens, and Buddhist frescos in the monastery.

Ghar Gumba

Ghar gumba situated in the west of Lo Manthang, It is ancient religious and historical sites of devotion. It is also one of the best places to discover while trekking in Mustang.

Damodar Kunda

Another Feature highlights of Upper Mustang trek is Damodar kunda Lake. It is the main source of fossil stone; origin of the Kaligandaki River; according Hinduism fossil stones are the incarnation of God Bishnu. It is a cold and windy place at the altitude of 4890 meters in Upper Mustang. The Sacred place attracts many Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimages from around the world.

Sky caves Nepal

There are more than 10000 caves around upper mustang valley. It is grand opportunity to discover ancient Sky burial, cave civilization. During the old times, people lived in the caves. You can ask our Upper Mustang trek guide to show the villages that have houses, partially built in caves. Sky Caves of Nepal in Upper Mustang

Villages & landscape

Traveling around traditional villages like Ghiling, Ghami, Dhakmar and Tsarang fascinated you with its unique nature & Tibetan culture untouched by the modernity. It is rain shadow of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massif of the Himalayas. The best months to visit in Mustang are June, July, and August but possible to visit from March to November.


Muktinath temple is a holy site for both Hindu and Buddhist. Hindus believe that Muktinath is a holy place to achieve salvation. They take bath in the water here for salvation after death. The site is sacred for Buddhists too because great Buddhist sage Rinpoche came here to perform meditation. In fact Muktinath situated beyond the upper mustang trail but it is advisable to visit if you have time. Upper Mustang trek guide can help you to see this site.


Kagbeni is one of most attractive villages in the world, situated in the valley of Kali Gandaki River. Trekkers can see mud and brick houses, chortens, prayer wheels, and an old monastery. Other main attractions in Kagbeni are the views of Nilgiri peak, rural people, and local houses.


Jomsom is the entrance of Upper Mustang trekking in Nepal. It is a town in the Mustang district, situated at an altitude of 2720 meters. It extends over the banks of Kali Gandaki River. It is possible to reach this town via road or by flight from Pokhara.

Upper Mustang is a popular destination for trekking and tours enthusiasts. Upper mustang offers stunning views of the Himalayas, beautiful landscapes, exclusive culture and traditions of the local people. Upper Mustang is a unique and fascinating destination that offers a blend of natural beauty, ancient culture, and adventure.

Lo Manthangh, at an altitude of 3840 meters / 12598 feet meters, is the highest point of Upper Mustang trail. These are the major highlights of upper mustang trekking area of Himalayas. If you interested for upper mustang trek or tours to discover these highlights of upper mustang are email us to get the quotes.

Mustang Tiji Festival Trekking in Nepal

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