Upper Mustang Trek FAQs

Upper Mustang Trek FAQs

Upper Mustang Trek FAQs

Q: Where is Upper Mustang?
Answer: Upper Mustang located in mustang district, Gandaki Pradesh in northern Nepal, near the border of Tibet of China.

Q: How to get to upper mustang Nepal / how to reach upper mustang
Answer: Upper mustang area accessible by flight (Pokhara to Jomsom) and overland by drive via Kusma and Beni. one can go to Nepal Mustang by foot, drive and flight.

Q: Where does Upper Mustang start?
Answer: Upper mustang area begins from Kagbeni village in Mustang district Nepal.

Q: Is Mustang similar to Tibet?
Answer: People, culture and life style of the residence of Upper mustang very similar to Tibet.

Q: What are the things to do in Mustang, Nepal?
Answer: Trekking, tours and sightseeing are the main things to do in upper mustang Nepal.

Q: What found in upper mustang
Answer: Large deposit of uranium Found in upper mustang Nepal

Q: Why is Upper Mustang restricted?
Answer: Upper mustang was restricted area for foreigners till 1992. Upper mustang area still under control of government of Nepal to preserve, strategic location, its unique nature and culture in real form.

Upper Mustang Trekking FAQs

Q: How hard is upper mustang trek?
Answer: It is moderate trek, physically fit any one can conquer upper mustang valley Nepal

Q: How long is Upper Mustang trek?
Answer: it takes minimum 10 days to maximum 18 days to discover whole mustang by trekking or driving.

Q: How much does the Upper Mustang trekking permit cost?
Answer: Upper mustang trekking permit cost US$ 500 for first 10 days, afterwards US$ 50 per person per day.

Q: How to get Upper Mustang permit?
Answer: Restricted area trekking permit issue by the immigration office of government of Nepal either in Kathmandu or Pokhara with the support of registered trekking agency Nepal.

Q: When is the best time to visit upper mustang?
Answer: The weather condition of upper mustang area stays best from the months of March to November. Among of these months May, October and august are highly recommended months to visit Upper mustang.

Q: How difficult is the upper mustang trek?
Answer: It is moderate trek, anyone can do this but still requires a lot of physical and mental endurance. highest elevation that you reach during this journey is 3800 meters above sea level only.

Q: Do I need a guide for upper mustang trek and tours?
Answer: Yes, you need a guide to visit mustang, it is controlled area not allowed to enter without guide and permits.

Q: What type of accommodation available in upper mustang?
Answer: Basic tea houses / lodges accommodation that you get during upper mustang tour and trekking period. You will be able to eat in common area and sleep in private rooms with 2 beds. There are sheets and pillows, but we strongly advise you to have a sleeping bag, as the temperatures become more and more cold in the altitude. Some places of this route you can get luxury hotel / resorts as well but really very expensive then teahouse accommodation.

Q: What is the food like on upper mustang?
Answer: The trek includes 3 full meals a day that you will choose from a menu in the tea houses along the trek. The food is very good and homemade. Local tea house offers verity of western food on choice.

Q: What about AMS in the upper mustang?
Answer: Acute mountain disease is the negative effect of high altitude on health. This is due to rapid exposure to low amounts of oxygen in high altitude places. Symptoms of AMS may include headache, vomiting, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, fatigue, etc.

AMS can rapidly progress to high altitude pulmonary edema associated with shortness of breath and high altitude cerebral edema associated with confusion. and hallucinations. Acute mountain sickness usually only occurs above 2500 meters. Some may even have symptoms at low altitude. This may even be due to a high level of activity or a rapid increase in altitude without proper acclimatization. We advise you to go high elevation slowly with proper acclimatization, Drink plenty of water, climb high sleep low, to minimize the risk of AMS.

Altitude sickness can affect anyone and no one can say that it will not happen. As soon as you recognize the symptoms of AMS, act immediately to decrease it again and again. If you are suffering badly consult the guide to arrange helicopter evacuation to go to the hospital.

Upper Mustang faqs

Q: Is Upper Mustang open?
Answer: Of course! To enter mustang region, need to obtain special permits, ACAP permit, TIMS and need support of guide to visir upper mustang.

Q: Why is Mustang famous in Nepal?/ What is Mustang famous for
Answer: Mustang famous for high quality apple productions, tourism, pilgrimage and unique landscape.

Q: How old are Mustang caves? How old are the sky caves in Nepal? 
Answer: Some research shows that the age of sky caves of mustang about 2,000–3,000 years old.

Q: Which place is called Desert of Nepal?
Answer: Teerion of mustanf looka like a part of desertin this way it called desert of Nepal, lower to mustang area known as a deserts of Nepal.

Q: Which fruit is famous in Mustang?
Answer: Organic Apple of Mustang famous all over Nepal.

Q: what is upper mustang
Answer: Upper mustang is the Last Forbidden Kingdom of Lo, these days’ whole mustang area is a part of Nepal.

Q: Why Mustang is major tourist destination in Nepal?
Answer: Mustang is one of the major tourist destination because of its exclusive nature, cultural heritage and religious importance. it is a part of world famous Annapurna circuit trek, Upper mustang trek, Muktinath pilgrimage tour etc., which many tourists from around the world.

Q: What does Mustang mean in Nepal? / What is Upper Mustang called?
Answer: Upper Mustang known as the former “Kingdom of Lo,” is an isolated area of Nepal. Mustang word originate from the Tibetan word “Muntan” its meaning “fertile plain”. Upper Mustang was only opened to foreigners in 1992.

Given Upper Mustang Trek FAQs helps you to solve many problems that requiring in yoyr mind regarding the mustang. if you have even more Upper Mustang Trek FAQs let us to know we are happy to make you clear about.