Features film and video of upper mustang trekking in Nepal

Features film and video of upper mustang trekking in Nepal

Upper mustang trek videos

Upper mustang region is a part of Annapurna conservation area mostly untouched by commercialization and outside influence. Unique features film & video of upper mustang trekking in Nepal inspire travelers to discover ancient Buddhist kingdom of Himalayas. Upper Mustang hiking access is restricted for foreigners.

Nepal is known for its majestic mountain ranges, stunning landscapes, and diverse culture.  Upper Mustang region is known for its unique culture and traditions. Local people of mustang are of Tibetan origin and have a distinct lifestyle and language. The region was once an important trading route between Tibet and Nepal, and this has influenced the culture of the people of forbidden Kingdom of Himalayas. You will get to experience the rich cultural heritage of the region, which is reflected in the traditional architecture, art, and music of lowa people.

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In this way limited number of travelers from around the world go to explore Mustang Nepal. The trekkers need special permit to enter with the support of guide through trekking agency Nepal.

Upper Mustang trip is not very difficult and the highest point is 3900 meters. April to November is the best time to visit upper Mustang. It lies in the Himalayan rain shadow and suitable for trekking even in monsoon season. Winter treks should be avoided here due to harsh weather conditions.

Upper Mustang trekking in Nepal offers something interesting for everyone. There are different activities for people based on their interest areas. It is possible to capture film and video of Upper Mustang which will form a once in a lifetime memory.

Upper mustang trek videos allows the vacationer to experience Tibetan culture, people & their hospitality. It provide breathtaking views of high Himalayan peaks in the background including Dhaulagiri & Annapurna. Mustang is still pure and untouched by modernization. It provides a superb experience to the traveler going for upper Mustang trekking in Nepal. Tiji festival is the most popular celebration of Mustang, voyagers can go to experience in may. Check out the far-fetched glimpse on Upper Mustang trek videos from the beginning to end on our Nepal tourism channel.

Feature film and video of upper mustang trek are listed below

Wow what a beautiful photos & video of Upper Mustang trekking in Nepal including monastery, palace, caves, people & landscape.

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