Famous tourist attractions of Mustang Nepal

Famous tourist attractions of Mustang Nepal

Famous tourist attractions of Mustang Nepal

Nepal, known as the land of the Himalayas, offers many breathtaking tourist destinations that are worth exploring. One such destination that has recently gained immense popularity is the Mustang region, located in the northern part of Nepal. It is a hidden treasure that is slowly getting uncovered, and rightfully so. Mustang has a unique charm that sets it apart from other tourist destinations in Nepal.

Mustang to be found just behind the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massif in north central Nepal. Tourist attractions of Mustang Nepal many but exclusive landscape and pure culture are main. Mustang is a paradise for tourist where they can discover another old age world. Mustang district is divided into two part as Lower Mustang and Upper Mustang.

Lower Mustang offers many natural tourist spots & pilgrimage in beautiful landscape. Upper Mustang is famous for trekking tours in arid and dry land of Himalayan rain shadow with amazing uniqueness. It is difficult to describe the natural beauty of upper mustang in word, you must come to see and feel the real image of the last hidden territory of Himalaya.

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Tourist attraction of the route is that you go through arid desert land while you see snow-peaked mountains around you. There are many tourist attractions of Mustang Nepal which are rare to see anywhere else in the world.

List of major tourist attractions of Mustang Nepal

Royal palace of Lo Manthang Nepal

One of the major tourist attractions of Mustang Nepal is the capital of the Upper Mustang region which is the city of Lo Manthang. It is greatly untouched by modernity and holds many ancient Tibetan Buddhist traditions and customs. There are 3 monasteries and a royal palace in the middle of the wall city that is the main tourist attraction of Upper mustang trek & tours. Sky Caves discovery Upper Mustang trek the Last Nomads of Lo Manthang

Landscape of Chhoser & Cora La

Sky caves, monasteries and grand rock formation in Chhoser area are another touristic site of Upper Mustang. Must visit Chhoser area to see its unique Nature while visiting.

Luri Gimba & Ghar Gumba

Luri and Ghar gumba related with different sect of Buddhism but these ancient monasteries also attract tourist from around the world. It helps you to know about different sect of Buddhism that practice in the Himalaya.

Scenery at Tsarang & Dhakmar

Old palace, Chhortents and monasteries in Tsarang village are another tourist attraction of epic journey to Upper mustang. Red cliff with caves nearby wall of Dhakmar attract the attention of tourist.

There is a longest Mani wall also on the way to Dhakmar from Ghami village. All these features make upper mustang trek or tours one of the lifetime trip to know about third world in Nepal.

Damodr Kunda & Saligram sila

Damodar kunda is one of the holy site for Hindu and Vaishnava pilgrims in upper mustang part of Himalayas.Muktinath to Damodar Kunda trek Mustang Nepal Damodar kunda lake is the origins of Saligram (fossil stone) & kali gandaki river.

The Salagrama stone is considered as incarnation Lord Vishnu. This stone is available only in the Kali Gandaki river on whose banks you will be traveling while undertaking Damodar Kunda trek.

Lower Mustang & Muktinath temple

Muktinath is a very important temple in the Mustang region. The temple is important for both Hindus and the Buddhists. For the Vaishnavite sect of the Hindus, this is one of the 108 holy temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu.Muktinath tour package cost for Muktinath yatra pilgrimage Kagbeni, Jomsom, Marpha and nearby villages are famous for apple farming in Nepal. It is really great place to observe the Tibetans, Gurung and Thakali people, culture and real lifestyle.

Mustang has many other tourist attractions to see. The natural beauty and the view of the mountains itself is a major tourist attraction of Mustang Nepal.

Upper Mustang region of Nepal has many tourist attractions that are worth exploring. From the Forbidden Kingdom of Lo-Manthang to the Kali Gandaki Gorge, Mustang has something to offer to every traveler. Mustang is slowly getting recognized as one of the best tourist destinations in Nepal. The region is full of historical significance, cultural and natural wonders that are waiting to be explored.

The best way to go to Upper Mustang is to fly or drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara and from there to Jomsom. Scenic trip starts from Jomsom towards Upper Mustang. If you interested to explore these tourist attraction of mustang Nepal email us. we organize guided trek and tours from lower to upper mustang as per interest.

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